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Do you subscribe?

Do you subscribe?

Nicole Perdigon and Lindsey Chadwick
September 10, 2019
Filed under Opinion, Perspectives

RHSToday Staff Writer Lindsey Chadwick and Print Managing Editor Nicole Perdigon discuss the pros and cons of watching YouTube.

Straz center takes on the next step of their oncoming ballet program

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff writer
October 17, 2019
Filed under A&E

An international ballet program is making its way to Tampa Bay's Straz Center. The center, known for their highly-praised ballet program, is making the first move into becoming an internationally recognized ballet institution. In an international ballet program, a mixture of people from all over the...

Room 112 Season 1, Episode 1 | Comparing the ROG Phone II and the Apple 11

Ethan Adair, Staff Writer
September 23, 2019
Filed under Multimedia, Podcasts, Room 112

Staffer Ethan Adair is your host for RHSToday's first episode of our new podcast Room 112. In this episode, he discusses some of the new phones on the market; the ROG Phone II from Asus and the Apple 11 with a phone aficionado Yimika Oluwaleimu. https://open.spotify.com/episode/55t3twEWWSwxFtxplnhINB Room 112 is a po...

Smash that notification bell

Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor
September 10, 2019
Filed under Opinion, Perspectives

In 2005 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim released yet another streaming app called, YouTube. Now owned by Google, YouTube is an app dedicated to videos ranging from tutorials of any kind, entertainment, TV shows, and even vlogs. The app allows a range of people to all watch things that are important...

KNN morning show launches YouTube channel

KNN editor Justin Kalil ('17) runs the computer for anchor Kobe Branch ('19) for the Oct. 4 show.

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer
October 4, 2016
Filed under News, Showcase

Walking through the hall, Grant Federoll ('17) spots a wild animal- one of the cats of Robinson that has ventured out into student territory. In the court yard there's a student, the wild TV Production member in their habitat. Role play like this would usually be considered creepy, but for the KNN...

Wild for Troye Sivan

Charlotte Rose enjoys listening to

Charlotte Rose, A&E Assistant Editor
September 15, 2015
Filed under A&E, Showcase

Australian actor, singer, and You Tuber, Troye Sivan always seems to be up to something. He just released his second EP, Wild, on September 4. Sivan's 3.5 million YouTube subscribers have been anxiously waiting for his new music. After gaining support from major artists, such as Taylor Swift and Sam...

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