Get Ready For A Trip To Mars

Michelle Aros, Assistant News Editor-In-Chief

NASA has recently confirmed that there have been traces of water on Mars.

Also the Mars rover, Curiosity, showed signs of methane gas as well, which indicates that there were once even more chemical compounds that suggest a beginning or ending to life in Mars.

NASA researchers have also used an imager aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to confirm the flows of water by looking at light waves from dark streaks on the surface that were suspected to be linked with liquid water.

Humans now have a true chance of finding a new home above and beyond.

Students at Robinson are also going to experience a trip to Mars with the soon-to-be released film, The Martian. Manuel Montero and James Tom Atkins will be hosting the RHS Movie Group on Oct. 7th at 4:05 p.m.

“I’m just excited about the movie in general because Ridley Scott, the director, is my favorite director. He directed movies like Black Hawk Down, Alien, and Prometheus. I like science fiction,” said Montero.

“A student brought it to my attention. Last year we did Interstellar as a movie field trip, which was promoted by the movie company. They wanted school interaction, so a student brought it up saying ‘Hey The Martian is coming out, can we do the same thing as we did last year?’.”

“It’s got a lot of science content, Biology, space exploration, and NASA engineering. [The movie] chose itself for those reasons.”

The movie can be seen at WestShore AMC 14 for $10, payable in cash only to Montero by Oct. 5th with a signed permission form by a parent. The student must secure their own ride and be at the WestShore Mall by 3:45 p.m.

The Martian is a sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott, about Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) thought dead after a fierce storm. In reality, 65jn Watney is alive and struggling to survive with a sparse amount of supplies on the planet Mars. Meanwhile, crew members are working strenuously to bring Watney back home.

So, get ready for an out of this world experience with the Robinson Movie Group soon.