Students prepare for Homecoming

With Homecoming in two days, students are scrambling to get themselves ready.


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Students cheer and dance during Robinson’s 2016 Homecoming

Mackenzie Hatton, Staff Writer

Homecoming, once again, is right around the corner and everyone is racing to get ready. Dresses, makeup and hair are just a few of the preparations students have to line up before the big night. After the dance being postponed because of Hurricane Irma, it is now set to this Saturday, Oct. 21.

Jolee Russell (’19) is one student who already had plans before Irma.

“I had to reschedule my hair appointment, but it meant that I had more time to find a dress,” Russell said.

She got her dress five days before homecoming from Urban Outfitters after having trouble ordering one online.

As for her hair and makeup, “I’ve been practicing my makeup a lot and I’ve gotten pretty good at it so I can save money just by doing it myself,” Russell said, “I’ve also been trying to whiten my teeth and doing face masks.”

Destiny Cliver (’19), on the other hand, is choosing to get both her nails and makeup done professionally. Her original plan was to get her makeup done at Mac in International Mall, but ran into some complications.

“The day they cancelled school I called them [Mac] to reschedule for this weekend, but it was all booked,” Cliver said, “I called eight different stores and ended up having to make an appointment out of Clearwater just for makeup.”

Since there are seven other homecomings that night as well, it could be difficult to find an open spot to take pictures or make a reservation at a restaurant. Meghan Bergstrand (’18) already had to make a change of plans for dinner after realizing they wouldn’t be able to fit her in.

“We were going to go to Ulele, but decided not to because it was going to be too crowded,” Bergstrand said.

Unlike Bergstrand, Russell is a little less worried about the amount of people there will be that night.

“I’m sure it will be crowded, but we will all get our chance [to take pictures.]” Russell said.

Some popular places to eat dinner before Homecoming among the students include Bar Taco, Ulele, Hula Bay and Kobe’s. Popular places to get your hair and makeup done are Mac, Sephora, and Dillards. If you are planning to go to any of these places, RHStoday suggests quickly making an appointment or reservation before it’s too late.