A Q&A with Macey Hatton

Macey Hatton ('19) is named co-salutatorian along side her twin sister

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A Q&A with Macey Hatton

Macey Hatton ('19)  works on an assignment.

Macey Hatton ('19) works on an assignment.

Macey Hatton ('19) works on an assignment.

Macey Hatton ('19) works on an assignment.

Alyssa Acosta, Staff Writer

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The RHS today staff interviewed co-salutatorian Macey Hatton (’19). Both Hatton and her twin sister, Kenzie, earned the title of the traditional salutatorian, working hard in high school and earning the same exact GPA.

Q: What is your GPA? Unweighted? Weighted?

A: Unweighted 4.0, weighted 6.32

Q: Was being salutatorian a goal you had ever since entering high school?

A: No it wasn’t a goal of mine when I entered high school or even until my junior year I think. My main goal was to balance school and my social life so even though I worked hard in school, I didn’t want it to be my whole life. So I didn’t even really think about it until I knew I had a shot.

Q: Once you saw it was possible, what did you do to achieve it?

A: I didn’t really do anything different than before, I just kept trying to do well in my classes and stay focused/not lose motivation even though my senior year was almost over!

Q: Did you take any online or duel enrollment classes? If so, which ones?

A: I took HOPE online because it was a graduation requirement but other than that no.

Q: How many AP classes did you take? Which ones?

A: Freshman year I took AP human. Sophomore year I took AP world and AP psychology. Junior year I took AP lang, AP physics and APush. Senior year I took AP biology, AP calculus, AP computer science, AP macro, AP government and AP lit.



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