Robinson joins the lip sync craze

Friday lunchtime has become a time to show off your singing skills at RHS.


Henry Bui (’21) sings “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” for last week’s Lip Sync Battle.

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

Lunch just got more interesting. For the past two weeks, Robinson has been doing “lip sync battles” at lunch. Each Friday, students have the opportunity to go up in front of the lunchroom and sing their hearts out to a specific theme; previous themes have been Disney and boy bands. The activity lets students let loose and release some of the stress of the day in an entertaining way.

The idea came from Assistant Principal for Magnet Curriculum Amanda Batista, who saw it as a good way for students to enjoy themselves. Since lunch is a somewhat unstructured point in the day, it gives students more time to relax than they would in a study hall.

“You guys are in classes all day long and you don’t get a good break…you don’t really get a good break where you can lay back and enjoy yourselves, so lunch is like the only time we can really have fun besides after school,” Batista said.

For now, administration comes up with the themes, but in the future, they hope that students can play a role in picking it.

“Moving forward, I had asked some kids if they wanted to suggest some certain things…starting next Friday, we’ll do some [songs from when] you guys were born, like early 2000s stuff,” Batista said.

For now, the Lip Sync Battles only take place during IB lunch, but adminstration is working to bring it to traditional lunches as well, where there is already music playing on Fun Friday.

“We’ve talked about it and we do want to implement something [in traditional lunches] because it seems like it’s one sided and we don’t want it that way,” Batista said. “the school should be involved with the same stuff, so we’re trying to merge it.”

The activity is meeting its intended purpose: to let students relax and have fun. Henry Bui (’21) participated in the Lip Sync Battle last Friday, where the theme was Disney. Bui performed a rendition of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from “Mulan” with his friends, which ended with him standing on a lunch table facing a entertained crowd of his peers.

“It was just fun being up there with other people and just being with your friends,” Bui said.