Silver Linings in Quarantine

Robinson’s students share the best parts of quarantine and their ways of being productive.


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Meena Vasquez, Staff Writer

Everything on the news seems horrible, but every cloud has a silver lining. While being stuck in the house all day sucks, quarantine gave us a lot of free time to explore new hobbies and catch up on shows. We asked Robinson students what positive things came out of this quarantine and what new things they’ve done during it as well.

What has been some of the best parts of this quarantine?

”Getting extra sleep.” -Joleyne Rodriguez (’22)

”I get to feel relaxed in the comfort of my own home in these trying times, instead of being constantly paranoid of sickness in public.” -Jack Kirk (’20)

”The extended time that I have with my family!” -Kela Watts (’22)

”Seeing my friends and family more.” -Aaliyah Simmons (’21)

”Having some time to relax and take some of that stress that was accumulating from school work.” -Andrea Aguirre (’21)

”Being able to distress, fix my eating habits, and mental health.” -Damilola Omoboni (’22)

”It feels a lot like summer. The weather has been amazing and with all my time at home I have really been able to enjoy it.” -Elena Peden (’22)

”I get to do all the things I normally don’t have time for, like getting more into music and computer coding.” -Kyle Muffoletto (’21)

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Anything productive?

”I’m a crafty person so I’ve been making clay projects, painting, embroidery and some easy fleece blankets.” -Shayla Estelle (’20)

”I’ve been baking [stuff] like bread, cookies, etc. and I’ve gotten good at it.” -Eli Kuhn (’21)

”I started writing poetry!!” -Blair Braddock (’21)

”I’ve been working on filling out college documents, taking job surveys to see what I would work best with and trying to wrap up finishing all my work to qualify for my IB diploma at the end of the year.” -Jacqueline Cubas (’20)

”I work out for four hours, cook and clean for 2, then do homework.” -Sydney Horiszny (’22)

”I’ve been running every morning, painting, organizing my room, and sleeping.” -Callie Tipton (’23)

”Got five stars on almost every Just Dance level on my Wii.” -Emily Brenning (’22)