Planning for the first days of freedom

With the end of quarantine in sight, many students have planned out the first thing that they want to do.


Photo RHSToday Staff

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Ella Wertz, News Editor

Since the stay at home order was lifted in Tampa and we are entering into different stages of reopening businesses and attempting to return to normalcy, quarantine is coming to an end. In order to prepare for this freedom,  Knight Writers asked students what the first thing they want to do when quarantine ends is.

“Hang out with friends,” -Ben Kim (’21)

“I want to hang out with my friends and go to the beach,” -Anabelle Swan (’23)

“The first thing I want to do when quarantine ends is go thrifting. I feel like quarantine has been the perfect time for people to do closet clean outs, which means the thrift stores will probably has tons of cool clothes,” -Lily Riggs (’20)

“The first thing I really want to do is go on a vacation to get out of the house,” -Rachel Steinfeld (’21)

“I want to hang out with my friends,” -Giselle Denson (’23)

“Reunite with my friends who I haven’t seen since school,” -Lucy Frank (’22)

“Go to the beach with all my friends and family,” -Kiera Person (’22)

“Hang out with a large group of friends,” -Tyler Senkowicz (’21)