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The cover for Hayley Kiyoko's latest single

Review: Hayley Kiyoko’s identity emerges with “Found My Friends”

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor May 20, 2021

Once dubbed "Lesbian Jesus," singer Hayley Kiyoko has faded in and out of the spotlight in recent years as the frontwoman artist for queer women. Her position has since been replaced by Girl in Red—though...

Heart-shaped lavender shortbread cookies with golden brown edges, arranged on a plate.

MidKnight Snacks: lavender shortbread cookies

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor May 19, 2021

Stress baking is my go-to whenever I'm overwhelmed, just a simple, manual task I can perform in order to shut my brain off. I chose this recipe inspired by my best friend, who loves lavender and everything...

Issue 4: Robinson senior throws an informal prom

Issue 4: Robinson senior throws an informal prom

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor May 18, 2021

On May 15, Robinson seniors flocked to the CL Space in formal wear, ready to make-up for one of the many senior year experiences the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to miss: prom. The dance was hosted...

A screenshot of Demi Lovato's original post on her instagram story criticizing the dietary treats at a Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop.

With great power comes the need for celebrities to shut up

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor May 12, 2021

Although way too many Spider-Man remakes have been produced by Hollywood, there's one concept from them that is ever-lasting: with great power comes great responsibility. The all-too-common trend of doxxing...

An example of a vaccination card.

Johnson and Johnson vaccine complications pose concerns for Robinson students

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor April 27, 2021

Editor’s note: This story was written for FSPA’s Newspaper Team competition. The FSPA State Convention was held virtually from April 22-23. On April 13, the one-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J)...

A graphic for the contest hosted by RHStoday, as posted on the @robinsonknights instagram.

Robinson newspaper hosts an article writing contest

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor April 19, 2021

Tucked just underneath a stairwell outside the culinary hallway, Room 112 is Robinson's journalism classroom, which produces not only Robinson's Excalibur yearbook, but also KNN Morning Show and the two...

A screenshot of the RHStoday home page, including the article categories mentioned in the article.

Quiz: What RHSToday article category are you?

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor April 8, 2021

RHSToday publishes a lot of stories—we’ve even had a 100-day story streak this year! Out of the five main article categories, see which one you are.

The album art for Hole's Live Through This, featuring a Miss Congeniality winner with tears streaming down her face.

Retro Review: Live Through This is 90’s female rage, uncensored

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor April 7, 2021

Fronted by Courtney Love, the 90's alternative band "Hole" is one of the most famous female-led bands of the era. Love cites that the band's name was inspired by a line from Euripides' Medea, a play where...

In the past, students at graduation were able to sit in proximity without masks.

COVID-19 restrictions set in place for the senior graduation ceremony

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor April 5, 2021

Graduation for Robinson's seniors is scheduled for June 3 at 4 pm, with the last day of school for them set for May 21, but it won't be the traditional graduation ceremony many came to Robinson expecting....

The poster for Dickinson season two, featuring Hailee Steinfeld as the titular character.

Review: Dickinson season two matures alongside Emily

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor March 22, 2021

Note: This review will use Dickinson to refer to the show, Emily to refer to the character and Emily Dickinson to refer to the real-life poet.  I never thought that Dickinson is the kind of TV show...

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