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A Slice of Life: Hungry for Awareness

Maleena Tran ('18) and Elijah Melendez ('16) listen attentively to Dr. Wright's speech.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor April 11, 2017

Coming up on April 13, the Robinson cafeteria will host the third annual Hunger Banquet, an event sponsored by Be UNICEF club in partnership with Oxfam America to advocate for an end to world hunger....

Gasparilla Music Festival March 11 and 12

Following the conclusion of last year's festival, fans look forward to the 2017 festivities.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor March 9, 2017

Started in 2011 by small business owners and music lovers as a 501(c)-3 non-profit corporation, the Gasparilla Music Festival is an annual festival in Downtown Tampa to promote international and local...

Lorenzo Migliara (’19) explores both lacrosse and poetry

Lorenzo Migliara ('19) adjusts the dress shirt he wore for lacrosse.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor February 7, 2017

During the semi-final game at a lacrosse tournament hosted in Atlanta, GA., Lorenzo Migliara ('19) witnessed the outbreak of a fight. A player from the opposing team jumped on the back of one of Migliara's...

IB history seniors thaw Cold War tensions in dramatic recreations

Sean Tran ('17, right) and Alexis Petterson ('17, left) perform a skit about the Guatemalan Revolution.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor February 6, 2017

As a creative way to cover the middle years of the Cold War, history teacher Matthew Ketchum assigned a group Cold War theater project in which groups of 3-4 students composed short scenes depicting one...

Robinson FBLA students take home armfuls of accolades

Club members Dongwoo Kim ('19), Hayle Short ('19), and  Mekhi Cusseaux ('19) pose with their trophies.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor January 19, 2017

Last Thursday, students involved in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club traveled to Durant High School to compete in events showcasing their prowess in commerce and presentation skills. "I...

Students, teachers adjust in DiFederico’s absence

Ally Weisman ('18) presents her topic on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor December 9, 2016

Internal Oral Presentations, or IOPs, are a requirement for the IB diploma program in which students give a 12 to 15 min in-depth analysis of a given topic from a literary work read during the students'...

“What If?” question comes to Theory of Knowledge classroom

Justin Marquez ('17) makes a point about Obamacare.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor November 14, 2016

In Larry Hollis' Theory of Knowledge class, students are learning about history as an area of knowledge. To aid in this curriculum, Hollis turned to a very relevant discussion of history in the making:...

Zombie Containment Unit 15

Zombie Containment Unit 15
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor October 31, 2016

I'd be lying if I said my heartbeat didn't speed up a little bit as we got closer to the front of the line. The lights were completely out and the only thing we could see or hear was screams of terror...

If not Howl-O-Scream, then…

The eerie experience of Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream is not for everyone.
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor October 12, 2016

Though the park hosted other spooky events in previous years, Busch Garden featured its annual "Howl-O-Scream" for the first time in 2000. Ever since its debut, the event has gained increasing popularity...

Overcrowding, rise in parking pass price slow student-drivers

Robinson hang tags cost $20 and are required of all students who park their cars at school. Seniors receive a green
Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor August 22, 2016

Driving to school usually offers freedoms. Yet this school year, student-drivers face $20 hang tags and an overcrowded parking lot that make driving seem like more of a bother than a benefit. Overcrowding...

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