The student news site of Robinson High School


The student news site of Robinson High School


The student news site of Robinson High School


ISSUE 4: Seriously What Reason Do You Have for Not Giving Blood

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor May 3, 2022

I'm a frequent blood donor, and have been for two years now. I try to donate whenever possible, and the school's blood drive really helps with that. In fact, out of the seven times I've donated in the...

ISSUE 4: …and another Editor’s Letter

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor May 3, 2022

We went with a shorter issue this time, for many reasons that luckily anyone reading this paper doesn't have to care about. This is also my last issue as print managing editor, as next year I'm moving...

Students Hailey Green (23) and Jonah Irwin (23) take notes during their lab.

Students Take on Biotechnology in Sanford’s Bio Class

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor April 13, 2022

Recently, the junior and senior students of Sarah Sanford's SL biology classes have donned white lab coats and safety goggles to undertake one of their most interesting labs to date: using biotechnology...

Cover art for Yasuaki Shimizus Kiren.

Yasuaki Shimizu’s “Kiren”, Alien yet Inviting

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor March 4, 2022

Despite being an incredibly prolific artist, Yasuaki Shimizu's career has largely remained in the peripherals of public view for most of its existence, with what little western exposure being from some...

The front entrance to Robinson High school, now barred by chain link fence and flanked with construction equipment.

ISSUE 3: Construction Updates: Q&A With Principal Bhoolai

Whittaley Bowden and Samuel Elliott February 25, 2022

Since the end of the first semester, students have been traveling to and from classes under a bustling deconstruction operation, eating lunch with the creaks of heavy machinery in the distance, and sharing...

Folk Artist Neil Young, among the various streaming services hes endorsed or rejected.

ISSUE 3: Neil Young’s Choice To Drop Spotify Reveals a Larger Issue at Play

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor February 25, 2022

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, as many have probably heard, folk artist Neil Young removed his catalog from the streaming service Spotify, in protest of their support of podcaster Joe Rogan. Young’s argument was...

Skyline of Beijing, the city in which the 2022 Winter Games are being held.

The 2022 Winter Beijing Olympics should’ve never happened

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor February 8, 2022

Recently, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China has come under criticism by some groups and news outlets due to the country’s “human rights violations”. “Human rights violations” is kind...

Graphic restating the title.

Changes in district-wide COVID notification protocol

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor January 30, 2022

Starting Monday, Jan. 31, in accordance with shifts in policy by the Florida Department of Health to focus on "high-risk congregate settings" (considered by the country to be "Nursing homes, correctional...

Cover art for Boriss Noel single. Artwork by Tosia Leniarska.

Get Metal This Christmas With Boris’s Latest Single

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor December 14, 2021

The Christmas season has come again, and with it the tide of holiday music has swallowed up every last radio station and insurance commercial. While I don't find anything particularly wrong with the...

RHSToday’s Halloween Playlist 2021

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor October 31, 2021

Another year, another chance for me to make people listen to my weird music by framing it in the context of a seasonal playlist. Nevertheless, I think there might be something for most people to enjoy...

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