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The current statistics for every candidate displayed in Mr.Falls room (249)

2016: Moderates, Pick Your Poison

Veronica Falcon , Staff Writer April 5, 2016

The 2016 presidential election has been full of twists, turns, as well as unlikely candidates and expected outcomes. It was anyone's game at the beginning, despite the seemingly clear Democratic nominee. Things...

Students watching Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar.

Finally, Leo for the Win

Veronica Falcon, Staff Writer March 2, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio has been America's baby daddy since his debut in 1989 on TV show "The New Lassie". Ever since then, he has warmed our hearts with movies like "Titanic", has kept us at the edge of our...

Students and individuals nation wide had to endure the heinous commercials that plagued the 2016 Superbowl.

Breaking Down the Winners and Losers of Superbowl Commercials

Veronica Falcon, Staff Writer February 9, 2016

As an era of greatness comes to an end with Peyton Manning's retirement, an era of good commercials also comes to a tragic stopping point. Superbowl 50 was full of surprises, but the biggest was the disappointing...

Barbies will now come in different shapes and sizes to represent a more diverse group of girls.

Modern Barbies for Modern Times

Veronica Falcon, Staff Writer February 3, 2016

For decades Barbie has set the standard for how young girls view themselves. Over the years, Barbie upgraded their dolls to include different demographics and careers, but for the most part the dolls portrayed...

Breaking Down the Iowa Caucus: Important or Insignificant?

Breaking Down the Iowa Caucus: Important or Insignificant?

Veronica Falcon, Staff Writer January 28, 2016

So far, the 2016 presidential election has clear leaders from each party, with Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic race while Donald Trump leads the Republican race. As election day gets closer,...

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