Cooking With Morgan: Breakfast Burritos


Photo Morgan Felt

Breakfast burritos can be reheated for a quick before school breakfast.

Morgan Felt, Staff Writer

Welcome to Cooking with Morgan, a cooking series where I share some of my favorite recipes. This week in my blog I’m going to share a favorite go-to recipe, a super easy breakfast burrito that you can eat on the go!


1. 1 pack frozen hash browns (either shredded or in a patty)

2. 2 eggs any way you like (I like scrambled)

3. Diced avocado (optional)

4. 1 tortilla (bigger is better)

5. Franks red hot sauce (also optional)

6. Shredded cheese

7. Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Lightly grease a pan with cooking spray and put the pan on medium high heat.

2. Crack two eggs into the pan and scramble.

3.Let cook for 3 minutes or until done.

4. Put finished eggs onto the center of the tortilla.

5. With the same pan grease it a second time, place it on low heat and place the hash browns onto the pan.

6. Stir the hash browns every minute or so and let cook for 10 minutes.

7. Place a handful or so of hash browns into center of tortilla with eggs.

8. Place some shredded cheese avocado and hot sauce (optional) onto center of tortilla.

9. Fold the tortilla into a burrito and place the tortilla flap side down onto a pan with low heat and sear until golden brown.

10. Enjoy (and if you make a surplus of these items you could keep them in the fridge then just quickly assemble one of these and pop it in the microwave for a quick breakfast!)