Coping with stress during exams

That big exam is coming up and you need to chill out

Best Self Blooming is an advice blog that covers all aspects of high-school life.

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Best Self Blooming is an advice blog that covers all aspects of high-school life.

Emersyn Brown, Staff Writer is excited to introduce the new blog, Best Self Blooming. This blog will discuss how to be your best self, from getting into a study schedule to becoming organized by using a planner. This first segment how to cope with the stress of facing exams.

There are many ways to deal with stress with the upcoming exams. Whether it be midterms or finals, I have everything under the sun for how to stay calm during this stressful time.

Night before the exam week:

The night before the exam is the time when you need to focus on yourself. Focusing on your mood and calming down helps ensure that you are ready to tackle the exam week. Knowing that you need to be in the best mindset to achieve your goals for the test, you have to take the right steps to get to that mindset.

Morning of exams:

The best thing to do on these mornings is to have a healthy breakfast. Make sure you have the right amount of protein (which helps the brain function better) and drink some water. The water will wake you up so you don’t have the urge to take a nap in the middle of the exam and the breakfast will ensure that you can thoroughly focus on the exam without having to worry about how hungry you are.

During the exam:

When you get the test, don’t forget to breathe and tell yourself that it will be over soon, and you know everything because you are properly prepared.  If in the middle of the test you come across a question you don’t know, tell yourself that you can handle this and allow yourself to move on from the question. This one little tip helps with the decrease of a lot of the stress we put on ourselves to perform.

After the exam:

You finished! Now you can breathe that sigh of relief. Having strategies under your belt going into an exam to decrease allows you to think. All that’s left to do now is remember how little you stressed this year compared to last year and laugh.