Frugal Fashion

Finding clothes without spending a crazy amount of money may be hard, but thrift stores can help.


Emersyn Brown, Multimedia Editor

Summer is right around the corner and, as a result, lots of clothes are going out of fashion. However, what some people find old and worn out, you might find new and ripe for picking.

This is where thrift stores come into play. Thrift stores are a major part of society and culture these days. There, you can find awesome things for way less than they would be sold for in regular stores.

Thrift stores have all types of clothing and even bric-a-brac you can put in your house as nice accents. Thrift shopping allows you to bring out your creativeness. You can find awesome shirts and jeans that, with a little bit of love and thread, you can make into new outfits that cost half of what they normally would.

Thrift stores truly are little gems, but you also have to be wary when you go shopping; little things can make a big difference when you’re thrifting.

Always pay attention to your surrounding and know where you are at all times. Bring hand sanitizer with you, sometimes items can be dirty and you are trying to stay clean here. Always wear something comfortable that you can easily try things on over. Make sure to wash any clothing you purchase before you wear it.

Thrifting can be so much more fun if you bring a friend with you. Make it an event, you can have an amazing time looking for clothes and accessories with friends.

Always have an open mind when you go thrifting. If you can’t find something in the section you are looking in, go to another section. There are bound to be new things that you can’t find in the section you were looking at before. The best way to enjoy your experience is to go into it with a positive attitude, and to not be too upset if you can’t find what you want.