RHSToday in Fashion: A bee-utiful outfit

Anna Woodward, Staff Writer

RHSToday.com is excited to announce a new blog, RHS Today in Fashion. This blog will spotlight the unique  fashion of Robinson students in a series of Q&As and photos. This first post focuses on Isabella Haman’s (’22) simple-yet-stylish outfit.

Like many freshmen at Robinson, Isabella Haman is still learning her way around the school. One thing that she has down, however, is her outfits. While walking around the lunchroom, Haman’s outfit stood out because of its bright colors and unique patterns, as well as its practicality.

About the student:

Name: Isabella Haman

Haman is a freshman at Robinson. She is a member of the swim team and plays the violin.


What is your favorite part of this outfit?

“I like how it all clicks together.”

What was your inspiration for this outfit?

“I have an inside joke with some of my friends that involves bees, and I have bees on this shirt.”

Where did you get your outfit?

“Vans for the shoes, the shirt was from Forever21, and then my shorts are Levi’s.”

Do you have any style inspirations?

“I kinda like the older look, like, the retro looks, I guess.”

What would you call your style?

“I kinda just wear whatever feels good that day.”

About the Outfit:

The shirt: Haman’s shirt not only reminds her of good memories, but also makes her outfit stand out. The red color and pattern is complemented with the white collar, giving this shirt a cute yet classy touch. The rolled sleeves add to the look, giving it a trendy touch.

The shorts: By pairing a patterned shirt with a simple medium-wash pair of jean shorts, Haman puts her outfit together in a cute-but-still-comfortable-way. The shorts don’t distract from the rest of the outfit, but still manage to keep it looking put-together and classic.

The shoes: Haman subtly matches her shorts and shirt with a pair of navy-white Old Skool sneakers from Vans. Sporting no-show socks with the shoes, Haman keeps her shoes from clashing with the rest of her outfit without becoming swallowed by the other colors.

Accessories: Haman incorporates multiple subtle yet fashionable accessories. She wears a light, rainbow, woven anklet. The anklet adds a pop of color between the shorts and shoes. Haman wears her hair up in a ponytail, the classic hairstyle completes the outfit, making it practical and not a distraction from her clothes.