RHSToday in Fashion: Daily drip

Freshman conveys his style in a subtle yet coordinated way

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

For Daries Walsh (’24), style comes easily. Even in the third quarter when time is hard to manage, Walsh continues to put together coordinated and thought-out outfits. On a breezy March day, he shows off an outfit that’s both comfortable and visually appealing.


Daries Walsh (’24) shows off one of his daily outfits. (Photo Anna Woodward)

Can you describe your style?

“I either wear drip or nothing else more than drip.”

Where do you like to shop?

“A place called Entourage in East Tampa, I shop there or I shop at Westshore Mall, anywhere like Rue 21.”

Can you tell me a little bit about this outfit? What’s your favorite part?

“My favorite part is how when I’m in the sun, all I do is sparkle.”

How do you choose what to wear?

“My mom helps me most of the time, but I do the most. I think about if I’m going to look good in it, [and if I think I will], I get it.”

Do you like to plan your outfits out or do just usually just throw something together?

“Sometimes I plan it, sometimes I throw it together, it depends. If I have some new Jordans, something like that, I’ll plan my outfit. But if it’s just something casual, I just throw something on.”

About the Outfit:

The shirt: Walsh pairs a white hoodie with his dark blue jeans, highlighting the contrasting colors. The simple but eye-catching designs on the sleeves bring the outfit together and draw eyes to the center, where he pairs the white hoodie with a gold necklace. Walsh’s choice of simple colors allows him to mix with more standout accessories, or with a simple white mask (editor’s note: Walsh only removed his mask for the top photo, where the photographer and subject were more than six feet apart).

The shoes: Walsh includes a comfortable and classic option with slip-on black Vans. Perfect for spending the day walking to classes, this timeless style lets him focus on the more eye-catching parts of his outfit without underwhelming the rest.