RHSToday in Fashion: Shoe Game Strong

Mia Charlery (’25) shows off her streetwear inspired style.


Briana Garcia, Staff Writer

Looking comfortable but still fashionable Mia Charlery (’25) manages to match every outfit with her signature Dunks and Jordan’s. Inspired by her father, she looks straight out of a streetwear ad attracting everyone towards her impeccable pick of shoes.

Who/What’s your inspiration for your fashion?

“My father has always inspired my style, he introduced me to fire kicks and from then on I’ve always love fashion.”

To tie her outfit all together, Mia wears Nike grey biker shorts to keep it simple with her colorful shoes and shirt.

Do you prefer to be comfy or cute?

“I prefer to be comfy, I don’t have to stick to a specific style and I can stretch my wardrobe whatever way I’m feeling.”

Where do you shop?

“My go to stores are Nike and Kick4Us in Westshore mall where I get a lot of my shoes from.”

How would you describe your style?

“I’d honestly describe my style as cute and comfy. I love being comfy while my outfit is still “fashionable”.”

What’s your favorite thing about your outfit?

“My favorite part has to be my shoes. They’re the Dunk low ‘Laser Orange’ and always gives my outfit a pop of color.”


To coordinate with her shoes she wears a black “Santa Cruz” tee with orange and yellow accents to tie it in with her sneakers. (Photo Briana Garcia)

How do you plan your outfits?


“I always color-coordinate my outfits the night before so when I wake up I’m not in a rush stressing about what I want to wear.”

What are your wardrobe essentials?

“I always have to have Nike socks, it can tie an outfit so well together without any effort.”