RHSToday In Fashion: Ruby’s All Black Wardrobe

Learn how to style monochromatic and how Ruby adds their own personal touches.


Photo Grace Hilton

Ruby Bien-Aime wearing her grunge inspired look in all black.

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor

Some call it emo, some call it goth, and in recent times, some call it grunge. Ruby just calls it her style.

Ruby Bien-Aime (’24) is known for wearing exclusively black clothes, occasionally adding other colors. They are also known for their unique accessories that make their outfit stand out from other. She comes into school with a new outfit and grows her style into her own expression.

Ruby Bien-Aime’s earring is one of her unique accessories.

Ruby puts their friends as the number one influence for style, and knows a lot of people that have similar styles. But, they also take inspiration from the movie “Twilight” and popular grunge stylists online.

“I just really like the look of grunge,” Bien-Aime said.

Ruby emphasizes their look with lots of accessories, especially because they recommend the clothing to be very plain. Things like belts, rings and earrings are what they spend a lot of their time on. They even make custom items to perfectly match the style.

“I would get a small shirt and cut it any type of way you want to cut it, then bleach that. Bro… that’s amazing,” Bien-Aime said.

Ruby Bien-Aime’s socks and shoes, which are staple pieces in creating her outfits each day.

When it comes to makeup, Ruby’s accentuating is way more simple than it may seem. According to her, the trick is to put a lot of attention into the eyes and less attention to everything else.

“I put on eyeliner, that’s it. That’s the only thing I use. A lot of people keep thinking I have a full face of make up on. No, I only use eyeliner!”

If you put enough effort into details, arranging your accessories, and using things like jewelry and makeup, you can build a unique and fashionable monochromatic look.

Bien-Aime mentions, “I wouldn’t call it grunge. I just wear all black and I mix and match everything else so I don’t really know. You can just call it whatever.”