Choosing to be OK

Small coping methods can make a big difference


Photo Emersyn Brown

Work pressures us all. The tasks do tend to pile up.

Emersyn Brown, Multimedia Editor

Right now in our day and age there are many things that can negatively effect us. Between school, work, or family, we can feel as though nothing will go right anymore. The funny thing is that choosing to be OK is something that people tell you to do and isn’t always easy.

Falling back into a negative mindset, voluntary or involuntary, can cause more harm than we recognize. Having all the pressures of the day weighing on your head can end up putting you into a state of mind that you feel as though you can’t do anything to get out of. We’ve all felt that way, so on my quest to help you better yourself, this is my list of methods you can use in order to cope with any stress or anything else you may be coping with.

The method that helps the most with stress is talking it out and having alone time. The importance of a support system is one that cannot be matched. Having people there for you when the stress around you doesn’t seem like it will ever go away is extremely helpful when it comes to coping with stress. Talk to your friend, mother, or cousin. Someone you trust and get everything out of your head. Allow yourself to let go and focus on tasks or anything else that resulted in stress.

If you’re not the person to turn to people when you’re stressed then maybe try writing out all your thoughts. This again will allow you to get them out of your head. not dwelling on the bad emotions but allowing yourself to feel them and move on is a method used by many people on a regular basis. It allows you to go back to it later and reflect on how you were feeling and how you dealt with the situation.

If what’s affecting you is more along the lines of social stress, then maybe take a break from social media. This may seem like an impossible task but giving yourself time to understand what you’re feeling and not have to deal with everyone else. That’s not to say isolate yourself, allowing yourself time to be alone with your thoughts gives you a deeper and more meaningful look into what can be causing you stress.

Through this time, it’s vital that there is a way to relieve yourself and breath through everything that happens around you. The world can be a hectic place and not having to deal with stress 24/7 can make for an easier life. Take a breath and be OK?