MidKnight Snacks: retro icebox cake


The finished product(s)!

Anna Woodward, Staff Writer

This post of “Baking with Amelia” is written by Staff Writer Anna Woodward, who gets to make a cake for a grade! So strap in old sports, we’re going back to the 1920s. Every year, IB English teacher Sharon Lee hosts a “Gatsby Day”, based on the book The Great Gatsby. This year I got to participate in Gatsby Day, complete with 1920s attire and food. Besides wearing a dress that makes me look like a waitress out of a poorly themed restaurant, I got to choose something to make and bring from the time period. After thinking and researching, my friend and I decided on making an icebox cake straight out of the 20th century.

This recipe was inspired by amandascookin.com https://amandascookin.com/oreo-icebox-cake/


  • 2 packages Oreo cookies
  • 1.5 packages whipped cream (this refers to storebought, but homemade can be used as well)
  • Large pan or container
  • Spoon
  • Sprinkles, chocolate/caramel syrup, crushed cookies to use as toppings (optional)


  1. Put a layer of Oreos at the bottom of the container until it is covered (tip: to cover all area, break the Oreos in half).
  2. Cover the Oreos with a layer of whipped cream.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 once more.
  4. Decorate the top layer of whipped cream using your choice of toppings.

The recipe turned out amazing. It was very easy and stress-free to make and took little effort. As I decorated the cake, I was pleased with how it turned out. We ended up making two cakes: one for our lunch table and one for Gatsby Day (both were successes). Everyone loved it, with Lee even calling it “sinful”. Not only was it super easy to make, but it was just as good as something storebought or baked. I would definitely recommend making this for anyone with a love for decadent dessert.