Robinson senior Abby Duffey won Best Dressed Senior Superlative for the 2018-2019 school year. Besides an interest in photography, as mentioned in a previous RHSToday in Fashion post about her, Duffey has a passion for music, makeup and former president Barack Obama.

Photo E. Duffey


What is fashion to you?

“For me, fashion is not only an expression of my aesthetics but also of my personality, and what I value.”

How has your style changed at Robinson?

“It’s changed a ton— back in freshman year, my style was more like just jeans and a T-shirt, but as I’ve grown up and looked at other eras of style, I sort-of shaped my own.”

How do you feel about winning?

“I think it was cool— it was like a cool recognition that everybody also appreciates my style because I do put a lot of effort into what I wear every day.”

Photo E. Duffey

What stores and/or websites do you shop at?

“Thrift stores are always good, but sometimes it’s hard to find stuff, Urban Outfitters is good but sometimes it’s a little expensive. Really, just anywhere that I can find something that’s not super expensive but can be worn in a bunch of different ways.”

How do you get the motivation to keep your style every day instead of just wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt? 

“For me, if I look and feel good, then I’m going to be more productive with my day, so I plan out my outfits the night before, even if I just plan them in my head, and then when I wake up I make a conscious effort to look nice.”

What do you say about people who disapprove of your style?

“I mean, everybody has different styles, so it’s okay if they don’t like it, but I do think that my style’s pretty versatile, so even if there’s something that they don’t like, they may like one thing or the other.”

How do you express your views through your style?

“Something that’s cool is that in art class, I like to make pins that I can put on my 10 jean jackets, so some of them have different pins, different embroideries, stuff like that so that I can express my views.”

How do you save money when it comes to fashion?

“Buying stuff on sale, definitely. I ask for clothes for Christmas a lot, that’s probably my main Christmas/birthday present, but yeah, I would say thrift shopping’s always good and looking for sales.”