School canceled due to inclement weather


Photo I. Hanewicz

Students run for cover away from the midday storms.

Ashlea Daniels and Athena Crews

On Friday, Oct. 7 school will be canceled due to the approaching hurricane Matthew. Tampa is expecting to get winds gusts between 40-50 mph. Activities for Thursday night and Friday evening are currently set to continue as planned. However, Friday afternoon’s Western Conference swim meet is cancelled.

“I had a couple of things due tomorrow so now I have some extra time to do that, but tomorrow was supposed to be Western Conference finals so now I don’t know what they’re going to do,” said Matthew Reinecke (’18), a Robinson swimmer. “I’m kind of mad that I won’t be able to swim tomorrow because I’m ready. That swim meet that you were all psyched up for, ready to dominate- you can’t.”

Though some athletics may be hindered, students now have a 4 day weekend, giving them extra time to get prepared for upcoming events.

“[I’m] probably going to study for biology because we have a huge test that was supposed to be tomorrow,” said Joshua Danker (’20).

Students can follow @HillsboroughSch on Twitter for more information.