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The student news site of Robinson High School


The student news site of Robinson High School



The album art to Harry Styles junior album Harrys House.

“Harry’s House” Has Made Its Way Home

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor May 21, 2022

Harry Styles recently released his highly anticipated junior album "Harry's House" and although it's not what fans expected, it has quickly crawled its way into all of our hearts. After listening to it...

One of the official posters released for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” Shines Despite Some Backlash

Zoe Thaxton, Online Managing Editor May 20, 2022

I'll come out and say it. I liked the new Doctor Strange movie. Apparently, it's a controversial opinion to have. Half of the people I talked to liked the movie while the other half absolutely hated it....

The Lime-Frosted Coconut Bar sitting on a Starbucks bag.

New Starbucks Items Are Underwhelming

Grace Hilton, Sports Editor May 20, 2022

To get America in the mood for summer, Starbucks introduced two new items to their menu: the Lime-Frosted Coconut Bar and the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew. This announcement is not shocking compared to...

Watching the sunset at Clearwater Beach, during the Summer.

How To Plan For The Perfect Beach Day

Julia Guillermo, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

As school is quickly coming to an end that means the summer festivities are well on their way. With that being said, many students will be heading to the beach, so here is a list of tips for having a perfect...

Golden Stitch wall art holding a 50th Year Anniversary medal.

Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Foods Review

Izzy Rivers, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

As Disney World celebrates its 50th year of being open, foods around the four parks and Disney resorts are presented for visitors to try out. Since I had been staying at Magic Kingdom, I wandered around...

This is a featured image for A&E stories.

This Year’s Met Gala Didn’t Meet My Expectations At All

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor May 10, 2022

The Met Gala is back again! Notably known as the biggest night of the year for fashion, celebrities and designers filed into The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, May 2, some dressed extravagantly...

A picture of the Buc-ee’s sign in the front of the store.

What Is Buc-EE’s and Why Am I Obsessed?

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor May 7, 2022

I don’t know if you have heard about the gas station/convenience store called Buc-ee‘s but it might be one of the coolest places I’ve been to. There are only two in Fla., one in Daytona and the other...

The front exterior of the Worlds largest McDonalds located in Orlando, FLA.

The World’s Biggest McDonald’s Was A True Disappointment

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor May 5, 2022

The RHSToday and Excalibur Yearbook staff took a trip to the world’s biggest McDonald’s located in Orlando, Fla. as the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) convention took place right across...

A picture of Universals spinning globe at the entrance of Universal Studios.

What You Need To Know About Grad Bash

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor April 27, 2022

Grad Bash is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is considered the last hurrah before all the seniors go off to college. One night with all your friends at one of the most popular amusement parks around:...

A photographic image depicting Harold Perrineau with the background being the original setting of the production.

“FROM”: The New Best Gen Horror Show?

Christian Dingle, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

Imagine living in a nightmarish world where you're forced to live in an old town and creatures come to hunt you down at night. Monsters roaming around left and right; there are not many places to run and...

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