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Welcome back, Mr. Taft

Mr. John Taft works at the computer at his desk.
Hanna Malone, Sports Editor October 26, 2020

With the graduating class of 1999, John Taft walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma from Robinson. Twenty-one years later, he returned to teach U.S. history honors at his alma mater....

Kowalik’s back at RHS

Kowalik's back at RHS
Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer October 16, 2020

This isn't the first time math teacher Renee Kowalik has taught at Robinson High School. She originally came to Robinson in 2018, taught at a different school the next year and has now returned to teach...

Q&A: Sanford takes a leave of absence

This pre-COVID picture displays Sanford standing proudly in her classroom.
Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor September 30, 2020

COVID-19 has forced many people to make many life altering decisions, including SL IB Biology teacher Sarah Sanford. Sanford has decided to take a leave of absence from Robinson High School to ensure her...

Sprinkling a little joy into the IB department

Robinson IB's newest counselor, Ms. Kara Sprinkle.
Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer September 28, 2020

With the pandemic still looming, many students feel more fear and stress from the possibility of getting sick on top of all their school work. These students look for help in their guidance counselors,...

Robles wins Diversity Educator of the Year for the second time

Senora Robles, the proud winner of the Diversity Educator of the Year award
Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

Being a teacher means engaging your students in the world of learning. For Spanish teacher Enedy Robles, it means more than that. Robles strives everyday to empower her students and let them know that...

New in town, Ms. Brown

Ms.Brown got a kick out of Spirit Week!
Hanna Malone, Staff Writer October 9, 2019

Melissa Brown, one of the new English 2 Honors and Reading 2C teachers here at Robinson, is already proving to be a strong addition to the faculty. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Brown graduated...

Kevin Nash steps into his first teaching position

This is Mr.Nash in his class room.
Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor September 18, 2019

Along with 18 other teachers this school year Kevin Nash is one of the new teachers on Robinson's team. For Nash this isn't just any other year, this is his first year teaching. Nash is teaching liberal...

Welcome Ms. Thompson!

Robinson's new IB counselor
Meena Vasquez, Senior Staff Writer September 16, 2019

Over the summer, school counselor Erika George took her maternity leave and left a position open for the IB counselor at Robinson. Tara Thompson took this position, and both students and staff are pleased...

Meet Chef Mitch

Meet Robinson's new chef.
Ella Wertz, News Editor September 5, 2019

Among Robinson's 19 new teachers for the new year, the school will also be welcoming a new chef to the staff. Chef Mitchell "Mitch" Smithey has never taught before and is taking a hands-on approach to...

Robinson’s First Teacher Talent Developer, Ms Powell

Robinson's new math teacher, Kara Powell
Meena Vasquez, Senior Staff Writer August 28, 2019

With the new Spanish building added to the campus, the once Spanish hallway is now the new math hallway and is full of new math teachers, one of which is Kara Powell who resides in room 113. Powell...

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