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Screenshot of SHEIN's swastika necklace, which caused controversy on social media.

You aren’t a bad person for consuming from “problematic” companies

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor March 2, 2021

Boycotting as a form of protest is a well-known art. You find out a company has done something you don't support, so you decide not to give them your money. Simple. Fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A has...

Downtown, Curtis Hixon Park is decorated for the Super Bowl. Decor stuck with classic Super Bowl themes while promoting the city.

The Super Bowl reflects poorly on Tampa

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor February 16, 2021

The Super Bowl, of course, was a celebration of significance that the entire city of Tampa took place in. The Buccaneers were the first team to ever play a Super Bowl at home, and they won. Responsible...

TikTok is useless

TikTok is useless

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

I myself have been addicted to TikTok at some point in time like many other Gen Z teenagers until I realized, what is the point of it? Ever since Musical.ly was renamed to TikTok, everything's just gone...

An illustration depicting seniors taking a gap year after graduation.

Seniors need to take a gap year…pronto

Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor February 2, 2021

"Senioritis" ... a word that describes the burnt-out behavior of a senior. Every year, seniors tend to check out mentally at the end of their school year and only have two months to get it together and...

Illustration depicting the GOP, whose reputation has changed from past years.

In the abandonment of iconolatry; what are the next moves for the GOP?

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer January 19, 2021

As the president's fateful end of term draws nearer, a question is growing for the Republican Party: what now? For the past four years, the party has slowly abandoned the use of platform and policy,...

Photos of tarot cards, which are often used with spirituality.

TikTok new age spirituality is a hoax

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor January 14, 2021

With the great conjunction on Dec. 21, 2020, a new age of intellectualism and spirituality is becoming a prominent topic among the collective, with TikTok specifically spreading information on spirituality...

President Trump previewing the events at the Capitol a week before, which would escalate from his rally earlier in the day on Jan. 6.

Editorial: Comparing a terrorist attack to peaceful protests is ridiculous

RHSToday Staff January 13, 2021

The following is an editorial that represents the views of the RHStoday.com staff. The views expressed in this editorial do not represent those of the adviser, teachers or administration of Robinson High...

Graphic illustration expressing a person overwhelmed with their New Year's resolutions.

New Year, new me?

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief January 7, 2021

It's January; we all know what that means: get a gym membership, promise yourself you'll eat healthier, get organized, etc. New Year's resolutions dominate life for this first month, but they're not as...

After the game, the audience gathers around the edge of the field, many unmasked.

Raymond James must tighten the reins

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor January 6, 2021

On Saturday, Jan. 2,  I went to my first college football bowl game, the Outback Bowl, played by Ole Miss and Indiana University at the Raymond James Stadium. I must start with the confession that I,...

A graphic illustration demonstrating the hub of cancel culture: the internet.

Correction: the alternative to cancel culture

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2020

"You're canceled." The phrase has become as normal as "LOL" on the internet, prevalent enough that Time and The New York Times have even reported on it. "Cancel culture," in theory, is taking away someone's...

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