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The New Leaked Supreme Court Draft Threatens the Rights of Americans Everywhere

Ingalls Witte, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

At the start of this month, a draft from the Supreme Court was leaked- threading the civil liberties of American citizens across the nation. The ruling was authored by Justice Samuel Alito, who stated...

Graphic depicting positive impact of thrifting over buying fast fashion from sites such as Shein.

Sustainability Is the New Trend

Charlotte Stone, Features Editor May 11, 2022

After the Met Gala on Monday, April 22, all people can talk about is fashion. Every celebrity who attends the gala has to be ready for every inch of their glamorous outfits to be dissected by complete...

Chilling with the staff members at our holiday party.

My Farewell

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor May 11, 2022

I am writing my last story. My last story as a member on this amazing staff. My last story as the best opinion editor. My last story to be posted on this website. The growth from my first story is truly...

Netflixs open page when you go into your profile. Here, a preview of the movie The Blind Side is displayed.

On My Way To Canceling My Netflix Subscription!

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor May 2, 2022

If Netflix is trying to lose customers, they're doing a phenomenal job. After upping prices already once this year, the COO of Netflix, Greg Peters, revealed that Netflix is planning to implement ads as...

David Hughes (22) walks out of the gate imitating a student leaving school.

Just Go to Class

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor April 28, 2022

What is going on this year? I don't know if I am just blinded from what is happening but, why are students constantly leaving school throughout the day? I am not just talking about juniors or seniors,...

Alexander Vyskocil (24) doing English annotations during his block 2-2 JA.

JAs Should Stay

Vikram Sambasivan, News Editor April 6, 2022

School is like a desert. It’s long, there is little hope in sight, you’re just trying to walk one more step, and one after that, until you find something, anything that contains water. The JA (an IB...

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The Academy Awards: Smith v. Rock

Keirra McGoldrick, Staff Writer April 6, 2022

The 94th annual Academy Awards ("The Oscars") took place on Sunday, March 27, and was definitely a night to remember. After a joke was made about actor Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, by comedian...

Student gets tardy slip from Mr. Norton after the second period bell has rung.

Attacking Tardies and Dress Code

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor April 5, 2022

8:30 a.m. on the dot, administrators were at every corner of the school, handing out bright, neon pink slips. If your butt was not in a seat in your classroom, you were handed one of these sheets. Students...

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Ketanji Jackson’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Was Disgraceful on the Senate

Jadyn Grayes, Staff Writer April 5, 2022

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearings began Mar 21 and the vote is expected to be made on Apr 4. In a confirmation hearing, nominees are questioned by senators on their qualifications...

Sean OConnell comments his opinion about Turning Red on Twitter

There Is Nothing Wrong About “Turning Red”

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor April 4, 2022

Disney Pixar recently came out with "Turning Red", which focuses on Meilin Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese, Canadian girl, who can turn into a giant red panda every time she is overwhelmed with her emotions,...

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