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One down, one to go: students reflect on a semester of eLearning

Despite working from home, eLearners still had to stock up on school supplies. Pictured here are pens, highlighters, pencils, a calculator, a planner and a laptop.
Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

Last summer, HCPS gave students the option of returning to school in-person or virtually. Come Aug. 31, some students grabbed their backpack, hopped in the car and rushed to class, while others rolled...

Five trends we’ll cringe at in a few years

Illustration depicting two current trends that may grow to be cringe-worthy.
Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor January 19, 2021

Trends have always been hard to keep up with, but now that social media is readily available, everything is more fast-paced than ever. Especially due to the rise of TikTok, trends go in and out of style...

Knight Mic: EP 2 | 2021 Student Predictions

Knight Mic: EP 2 | 2021 Student Predictions
Pim Kruthun January 13, 2021

Editor's note: Knight Mic is filmed during lunch periods, where students are eating and thus not required to wear masks. The answers featured in this video do not correspond with the views of Knight...

Robinson’s 2021 New Year’s resolutions

Robinson's 2021 New Year's resolutions
Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor January 11, 2021

With 2021's recent arrival, many people have declared resolutions to better themselves or maintain their favored lifestyle in the new year. RHSToday asked several students their resolution for this new...

Raymond James must tighten the reins

After the game, the audience gathers around the edge of the field, many unmasked.
Hanna Malone, Sports Editor January 6, 2021

On Saturday, Jan. 2,  I went to my first college football bowl game, the Outback Bowl, played by Ole Miss and Indiana University at the Raymond James Stadium. I must start with the confession that I,...

Video: The Robinson lacrosse program

Video: The Robinson lacrosse program
Ethan Adair, Senior Multimedia Staff December 22, 2020

Senior Multimedia Staffer Ethan Adair talks about the history of Robinson's lacrosse program and the coach behind it all.

Head to Head: Is canceling midterms a good thing?

Editors Amelia Foster (left) and Meena Vasquez (right) demonstrate a student studying for exams and a student taking advantage of their free time.
Amelia Foster and Meena Vasquez December 11, 2020

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the district has canceled semester one midterms. Semester grades are now based on quarter grades, unless the student has a D or F in a class. This action is a relief for some...

Photo Gallery: Boys basketball narrowly loses to Jesuit

Watkins readies to make his free throw shot.
Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer December 10, 2020

In a back and forth basketball game, the boys varsity team played against the Jesuit Tigers on Dec. 8 at Jesuit. Ultimately, Robinson lost 52-49, making their current standings 3-1.  

Doc Ford’s brings seafood to life

Doc Ford's viewed from the outside. The restaurant is located right on the water.
Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

In downtown St. Petersburg, Doc Ford's leads delicious meals to the table. They're familiar for their bar and grille, location and amazing seafood. Right on the pier, it's an outstanding place to go to...

Photo Gallery: Boys soccer win for the first time this season

Caedan Ortega-Foster ('22) after kicking a ball to his teammate.
Jennifer Le, Online Managing Editor December 3, 2020

After a rough start to the season, the boys soccer team won their first game this season against the Jefferson High School Dragons on Dec. 2. The Knights won 6-1, fixing their overall season record so...

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