When Mahone Says Somethin’, You’ll Want to Listen

Christine Bocchino, Clubs/Organizations Editor

Zoom in on a cute boy-next-door messing around during class on the first day of school, catching up with his friends as the class comes to a close…and he bursts into song. Yes, Austin Mahone’s “Say Somethin’” music video is your typical “jock-meets-cheerleader-and-falls-in-love” storyline which works well with the catchy pop sound.

Although cheesy at times, the song actually transports you into the High School Musical atmosphere and it will have you singing the melody for days on end, even if you don’t want to be. Mahone is comparable to artists such as Justin Bieber and Conor Maynard with his fresh sound and upbeat rhythms; with this second single, the future is looking promising for this YouTube sensation.

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