Music Review: Mindless Behavior ‘All Around the World’


Gina Carleton, Student Correspondent

A symphonic accompaniment begins to play as images of the members of the group Mindless Behavior flash on screen. Clad in tuxedos, the boys show off their boy-band inspired dance moves as the bass drops. The upbeat rhythm and infectious melody make the hit impossible to get out of your head. The combination of the positive lyrics and club style beat gives off a cheerful vibe.

The video for “All Around the World” captures the essence of Mindless Behavior. The classic location of the video provides a stark contrast their new and original sound and style. Although each member of the band has a different look and a different vocal range, they pull off harmonies in the chorus effortlessly. The music video also allows them to show off their dancing skills. Each member is a “triple threat”; possessing vocal abilities, dance skills, and a unique style. The group is similar to artists Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, who use pop melodies with upbeat lyrics to create dance hits. This song re-defines the boundaries of genre, with its stereotypical pop song structure and a twist of R&B influence. Mindless Behavior is undoubtedly a new, talented group who is helping change the way we think about R&B.