Childish Gambino “Because the Internet” Album Review

Childish Gambino Because the Internet Album Review

Justin Fontes, Staff Writer

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino in the hip-hop world, is an actor, comedian, and television writer. As a rapper, Gambino has come a long way since his first album, “Camp.” In his newest album, “Because the Internet,” Gambino uses improved beats and lyrics that expresses life behind a screen.

To me, it is very difficult to follow the lyrics, because the flow is inconsistent. Each track seems to be about something completely different than the previous. Meaningful, witty remarks about Internet saturation, like “Retweet the tweet then regret the mentions” and “Common sense,” get mixed in with the corny similes, like “Kick it like it’s FIFA.”

Overall, this is not my favorite album by Gambino, but it is definitely worth listening to. My favorite track on the album is number nine, “3005.” Gambino is a great artist, and I cannot wait for his next album.

P.S. The album cover fades in and out.