Disney Star Zendaya Shows Potential


Alejandro Gomez, Staff Writer

Zendaya comes off as an innocent Disney poster child. She plays Rocky on the hit Disney show “Shake It Up,” a dance based drama about two inner-city Chicago teenagers landing parts on a dance show called ‘Shake It Up Chicago.’ Through humble beginnings of working small projects, to now having a Platinum Single from her self-titled debut album, it’s clear that Zendaya is posed for a greater future.

In her hit single “Replay,” Zendaya plays a feel-good song that holds much of the new style developing among many of the popular artists of today. Its repetitive chorus and simple lyrics are catchy and playful. Catching on to the lyrics will probably only take about two or three times of listening. This song is clearly aimed to a more innocent age group that can’t relate to the more adult-oriented music of today. She has a similar sound to Ariana Grande, minus the high notes. But she makes up for it through her dancing ability, which is evident in her video for “Replay.”

Zendaya has potential that could pose her as future A-listing artist. Her production is developing well, even as a debut artist. She’ll come along in the future along with her fellow Disney stars like Selena Gomez, R5, and others, to possibly dominate the charts.