Bad Seeds Are Definitely Rising


Alejandro Gomez, Staff Writer

Don’t be deceived by their look, or their age. When you see them walk on stage, don’t assume it’s just a group of kids with a small-time, amateur-produced band. The under-aged band from Maryland, Bad Seed Rising, is a rock band with strong ties to the leading rock and rollers. Strongly dedicated to the band, the four members are all undergoing homeschooling to keep up with the band.

Their production sounds solid, and has an undeniable talent. Although, it’s still not comparable to today’s rock and roll sound, their age is what makes them so good. For being so young, and having nicely developed lyrics, that not only apply to their age group, but is relatable to others, they are well on their way to more publicity, as long as they keep developing their style.

The EP Charm City has five tracks, and each of them keep a constant style and format. “Bad Seed Rising”, the first track, is a cutesy fun track. Its lyrics are rebellious, and have a coming-of-age theme; typically expected from a band this young. But the guitar riffs are structured well, and the vocals strong. “Hey Kid,” now featured on 98 Rock (Baltimore) was released as their single in April. The song already has video, and is expected to become more popularized.

“Wolves at the Door,” another track on their EP, should have been released as the single. The track has an upbeat guitar riff to start off, with draggy vocals that are captivating. It jumps into the chorus about 30 seconds in, which is beautiful, because it helps determine whether or not the song is likable. The lyrics aren’t relating to any specific age group, which allows for a broader acceptance among listeners, and the guitar solo has a great flow that can be appreciated by most head bangers.

Bad Seed Rising may be young, but their music is solid. With a bit more maturity, and variety this band can rise into the top charts, earning a spot on the radio every half hour. With only their second EP released, they’ll definitely be watched for future EP’s and maybe a complete album soon.