Gilmore Girls Revival Coming to Netflix

Michelle Santacreu, Multimedia Editor

On Jan. 29, the long-awaited Gilmore Girls revival was announced. After binge-watching it on Netflix, I consider myself a huge fan of the show. The last season left me with lots of unanswered questions and now, hopefully, some of them will be answered.

There will be four 90 minute episodes released to Netflix, each episode named for a season. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the producer for all except the show’s last season, will be the producer for the revival. Palladino says she had the last words of the series planned out for quite some time and will now finally be able to use them and personally, I can’t wait to hear what they are.

For all the other Glimore Girl fans out there, here’s a quick breakdown of the revival and what to look out for when the show returns (date currently TBA).

Who’s returning as of yet: Lorelei, Rory, Lane, Luke, Emily, Kirk, Jess, Dean, Logan, April, Christopher, Paris, Michel.

Luke and Lorelei: They better be married. Or at least dating. Something. Please. The season seven finale led me to believe that they would start dating. After all, Luke stitched together a ton of tents just so Rory could have a farewell party. You don’t just do that for nothing. I have been wanting them to get together since season one. In the season four finale, they finally kiss. Then they get engaged and it is the greatest thing ever, right? No. Luke has a child he never knew about, she comes and pretty much ruins everything. Ugh, we were so close, but no. Then the last episode comes around and hope rises in me that they will be together. This reunion can’t ruin that. They must be together. It’s indisputable.

Emily and Richard: The actor who played Richard in the original series passed away in 2014. I’m curious to see how they address that in the revival and how Emily, as well as the rest of the Gilmore family, will react to this news.

Rory, Jess, Dean and Logan: Oh man, I’m excited about this one. All three of Rory’s serious boyfriends will be returning to the show. Who will she end up with? Jess, Dean or Logan? Or is it someone entirely new? Well, let’s face it, she better end up with one of the three of them because why else would they come back? I mean, of course I want to know what is going on in their lives, but what I’m really itching to know is their relationship status with Rory. In season seven Logan proposed to Rory, but she declines. Would they be able to recover from that? Or will she return to her first love, Dean? Or maybe Rory and Jess will finally have a chance at having a real relationship. Jess was immature, but now that his novel has been published and he’s had more time to mature, he could be ready for Rory. Not going to lie, I’ve always kind of loved the idea of Jess and Rory being together. My only issue with it is that Luke and Lorelei absolutely must be together and it might be weird if Rory and Jess dated since Jess is Luke’s nephew. I get that they wouldn’t be related by blood, but still.

Lane: I’m so glad Lane is returning. She’s Rory’s best friend, so obviously she had to come back. I wonder if Hep Alien is still together. Or if Lane at least still plays the drums? And how are her kids? But where is her husband?

Kirk: Oh Kirk. He’s such a quirky character. He’s almost like the mascot of Stars Hollow. You can’t have Stars Hollow without him. It’d be pretty cool if he took over Taylor’s role and had some leadership in the town.