“Logan” Movie Preview

Michelle Aros, A&E Staff Writer

Logan*, the 9th and latest installment of the Marvel X-Men Universe, was released last Friday on Mar. 3. The last few months have created anticipation among Marvel fans to see what will happen to protagonist, Logan, played by Hugh Jackman.

The plot of the movie (without spoilers) is that Logan ends up helping and hiding Professor X alongside the Mexican border, where he meets Laura- a mutant who was bio-genetically engineered by a lab in Mexico and who has similar abilities to Logan.

Logan is expected to show a different tone from that which has been seen so of Wolverine in the past. It will also have a more personal story than what has been showcased in the X-Men series so far; it shows Logan’s vulnerability and what he is willing to do for those he cares about, no matter the consequences.

This movie- as the trailers and Jackman himself have confirmed- is Wolverine’s last role, following the character arch established by the comic books. However, fans still wonder what is next for the X-Men series.

From what I have seen, the superhero-movie industry has been at its particularly popular lately, so it’s a disappointment that Wolverine will end his journey now.  But it does create the intriguing question of what Marvel will do with the newly introduced character, Laura. It is uncertain if Marvel will make a sequel or a new series, but it’s what most fans (including this one) hope to see. A new story line coming from Laura could be a new step and an interesting twist to the X-Men legacy.

Overall, this movie seems very promising for many Marvel fans, and I personally feel that it will be a great ending for the violent, yet strong character of Logan.

*Viewer discretion is advised- this is an R-rated film


Watch the trailer here: