“More Life”- Drake New Album Release

Michelle Aros, A&E Staff Writer

More Life, released by Drake, has been quickly getting reviews by critics on its never-before-seen style. Drake has dubbed the album a “playlist” as it is a collection of many musical styles with many featured guests.

The album is composed of 22 tracks which range in genres from Caribbean to pop, assumed by other critics to be done by Drake on purpose. He wants his fans to understand that he isn’t just a hip-hop artist, but can perform many other styles and has the talent to create music influenced by many other genres.

His third track, “Passionfruit,” has been greatly discussed. The track begins with a few words by Moodymann and an R&B euphoric beat. The beat definitely reminds me of the formula used in “One Dance” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which also include this relaxed, sensual beat. This track specifically speaks of the difficulties of keeping a long distance relationship, which adds to the romantic yet carefree feeling of this track.

“Get It Together” is a track consisting of a South African house beat mixed by DJ/producer Black Coffee and a graceful dance flow with soulful vocals. Coffee’s instrumental includes many joyful, groovy polyrhythms that feel uplifting to the soul. This isn’t quite my favorite track, as it does seem to have the same underlying rhythm heard in many of Drake’s previous songs.

Lastly, the track “Lose You” is my favorite of the playlist. The song speaks of his concerns that his singing career has caused him to lose contact with those he loves the most. The beat is pretty relaxed and not very complex, but appropriate for the tone of the track. Drake’s rap is quick-paced and flows well. The chorus lines of “Did I lose you, did I?” adds a depressed sound to the song, but I feel like it fits perfectly with the track as a whole.

Overall, Drake’s playlist has been a pretty good success. Personally it isn’t my favorite; I feel as if Drake is trying to capture too many influences in his playlist that it feels unorganized, but it isn’t his worst.

Listen to the playlist here: