A visit from Jason Vorhees on Friday the 13th


Photo Friday the 13th

Robinson students ring in Friday the 13th with legendary horror films.

Amelia Foster, Staff Writer

Jason Vorhees, the masked killer of the Friday the 13th series, has become a horror movie icon. You can’t go through the spooky season without seeing a little kid in a hockey mask wielding a bloody machete.

Friday the 13th is here. You can feel it in the chill of the wind, in the crunch of the leaves. Aside from Halloween, it is the ultimate spooky date filled with bad luck and sorrow. The best way to get into the mood is to make some hot cocoa and watch scary movies until you can’t sleep.

The Friday the 13th series is a must. With 11 movies in the original series, there is certainly a lot to get through. The story starts with camp counselors going to Camp Crystal Lake for the summer, where they are chased by a masked killer. The slasher film is complete with screams, gore and, of course, lots of fake blood.

Friday the 13th is a series that seemingly will never end. The title of the fourth movie “The Final Chapter”, is extremely misleading, considering another edition was released a year later. As Robert Egbert, a famous film critic, put it, “This isn’t the final chapter. This is just an advertising gimmick.” Each movie builds off the last, trying to outdo it with another round of bad characters and cheesy murders.

Movies are a good destress from school, horror films included, and some Robinson students are excited to  binge watch them tonight.

“They’re really cheesy,” Mia Baker (’21) said. “But I have to watch them. It’s Friday the 13th.”

Lovers of all-things spooky will be settling down tonight with a murderous Jason Vorhees on their television screens as Friday the 13th fades into another bad dream. If you can’t watch them tonight, another murderous date is coming soon. Perhaps Jason will appear on your screens once more on Halloween.