Never too old to dress up for Halloween

From Blue’s Clues to pageant queen, here’s a few DIY ideas to perfect a quick and easy Halloween costume.


You’re never too old to dress up for Halloween. We’ve compiled some easy costume ideas to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Mackenzie Hatton, Staff Writer

Now that Autumn is here, Halloween is just around the corner and that means two things: candy and costumes. It doesn’t matter how old you are, dressing up to get free candy is not a bad deal so you might as well take advantage of it. Trick-or-treating and getting candy is the easy part, but finding the perfect costume is a little trickier.

Here’s a few ideas for fast and painless costumes that you can make at home to get you ready for Halloween modeled by student Logan Richardson (’19) and staffers Alanna Felton (’19) and Mackenzie Hatton (’19).

Looking for a groovy, far-out costume? Try this homemade hippie costume.

What you need:

  • Belt/headband
  • Flare jeans or pants
  • Anything tie dye!
  • round sunglasses

If you’re looking for more of a unique costume, try the Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

What you need:

  • Black poncho or robe
  • Plastic crown
  • Gold necklace (says RBG)
  • sunglasses/glasses
  • gavel

Want a playful, throwback for this Halloween? Blue’s Clues is the way to go.

What you need:

  • Oversized blue t-shirt
  • Blue headband
  • Felt (for ears)
  • Purple polka dots
  • Blue paint for nose

If you want to get a laugh from your friends, “Miss Demeanor” is sure to get one.

What you need:

  • prom/formal dress
  • sash that says “Miss Demeanor”
  • crown/tiara
  • extra jewelry

Need a costume for you and your friends? Dressing up as Smurfs is perfect.

What you need:

  • Blue morph suit or blue pants/long sleeve shirt
  • White pants or dress
  • White beanie