Orchestra performs fall concert

Orchestra plays well at first concert of the year

Nicole Perdigon, Staff Writer

Robinson’s orchestra held their 2017 Fall concert this past Thursday on October 26. The orchestra used the concert as an opportunity to introduce new students to the world of performance.

The concert was intended to be a baseline to see where the orchestra is at this point in the year. It will also help the orchestra to set plans to get to where they need to be for future concerts, such as the Music Performance Assessment and for solo and ensemble.

“I thought we did well. I definitely think there is some stuff we could improve upon but that’s with anything,” orchestra teacher Sarah Taylor said. “I’m going to have [the students] write a reflection so they can take what they have learned from this and apply it to the next concert.”

Taylor and the students enjoyed themselves at the concert and felt proud of their performance. Nevertheless, the orchestra continues to focus on improvement.

“The fall concert is always the first one of the year so it’s always kind of the trickiest one because the freshman and some new people haven’t played in a concert before,” first chair violinist, Faith Jankowski (’18) said. “I just think, in general, intonation can always be better so that is just something [we are] going to have to practice… with repetition and muscle memory.”

Jankowski isn’t the only one who feels the orchestra didn’t play their best performance due to intonation.

“Overall, I think the concert went really well. We did a good job working together,”  violinist Clarisse Chatfield (’19) said. “I think we are going to increase our rehearsals from once a month to every week to improve.”

Despite some issues, the concert ran smoothly and all of the performers can agree that the concert went according to plan.