Thanksgiving: Expectation vs. Reality

Your relatives during the holidays may be ruthless but these other things that are just as trying.

Everybody sets expectations for Thanksgiving dinners. Whether it’s about the conversations that will occur or food served, we all expect Thanksgiving to go one way. But the reality is, we almost always end up having the exact opposite of what we expected to happen.

Expectation: Telling your family funny stories.

Reality: Having it turn into a lecture.

Expectation: Excited and waiting for dinner to be ready.

Reality: Your food doesn’t come out until you’re tired of waiting and annoyed.

Expectation: You enjoy your relatives and they respect your privacy.

Reality: They constantly look over your shoulder and annoy you.

Although traditions can seem silly and sort of confusing and things rarely go according to plan, it all comes together at the end of the day, when the food finally comes to the table and you and your relatives all sit down to share a meal together.

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