Five things better than the fair

Macey Hatton, Staff Writer

Everyone pictures fair day as a day off of school to go on fun rides, eat funnel cakes, and hang out with friends. However, in reality, Fair Day may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Students do get the advantage of a free ticket, but is it worth going? The lines are excessively long for rides that only last two to three minutes and it is overcrowded with students.

Fair Day is Friday, Feb. 9 and Robinson, along with many other local schools, get the day off. But there could be better things to do with your day then go to the fair, and here are five suggestions for you.

1. The beach

Whichever beach you choose to go to will probably be less packed then the fair and you’ll also get some sun while you’re at it. It’s supposed to be around 80 degrees on Friday, so if you’re at the beach you’ll be able to cool down in the water instead of being obnoxiously hot and sweaty waiting in fair lines.

2. Busch Gardens (10165 N Mckinley Dr., Tampa, FL 33612)

This might be a little crowded because it is a popular park, but since not everyone has a pass (or a free ticket), the lines might be shorter than the ones at the fair. If you’re looking for a place to ride fun rides, Busch Gardens beats the fair.

3. Altitude (4340 W Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33614)

This is a relatively new place, but it’s still seems more entertaining than any ride at the fair. Altitude is the largest trampoline park in Tampa Bay and has many different activities to do. They have trampolines, a foam pit, a rock climbing wall, and more. You can bounce around or play dodge ball with your friends, with probably no lines at all. And although you don’t get in for free, it is only $15 to jump for one hour and $22 for two hours.

4. Mall/movies (250 Westshore Plaza Tampa, FL 33609)

Since most people will be at the fair, the mall will probably be pretty empty, giving you a lot of time and space to shop. And if you go to Westshore Mall, you’ll be able to watch a movie along with it, in a pretty empty theater as well. Just a few of the many movies out on Friday you could watch are Jumaji: Welcome to the Jungle, Fifty Shades Freed, or The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. The Death Cure is the third movie in the Maze Runner trilogy and is a great choice if you’re looking for an exciting action movie. You could also see The Post, a movie about the media exposing government lies, which is an Academy Award nominated film for Best Picture.

5. Sleep

If you ever get the opportunity to not go to school on a Friday, you should sleep. Instead of getting up and waiting in lines, take a nap instead. Students often don’t get enough sleep during the weekdays, so it could be refreshing to take advantage of the day off. Why wake up early and wear yourself out when you could turn off your alarm and snooze the day away.