How to make your spring break photos Instagram-worthy


Abby Meyer (’18) used the A3 filter from the VSCO photo editing app to capture Lead singer of Cage the Elephant at GMF 2017.

Abigail Meyer, Staff Writer

As spring break approaches, more and more Instagram posts are captioned with cliches like “spring break wya” and “so ready for spring break”. Here are some ways to prepare your Instagram for the upcoming week of beach days, late nights, and new experiences.

Filters are always important when it comes to Instagram. A good app to edit photos with is VSCO, and some filters that might make your day seem bright and sunny are C7 and all of the L filters.

When taking these pictures, don’t just use your Instagram camera, use an app like Camera+ that allows you to adjust the focus and light exposure. Getting the right lighting can also be a huge factor when taking pictures. It can drastically change the way a person might view a picture.

If you’re travelling over break, do some research before your trip and find a cool restaurant or a famous photo spot where you can snap a picture.

If you are staying in the Tampa area, there are still plenty of fun thing to do and places nearby that will compliment your Instagram. During spring break there will be multiple events going on, including the Strawberry Festival and Gasparilla Music Festival.

It is important to bring your friend along on these types of adventures so that you have someone to take pictures of you and so that you can return the favor and snap a couple pictures of them. Also, it’s just fun to be around your friends.

If you live in Florida, going to the beach over spring break is basically a must. Want a cute picture? Bring a cute beach blanket, some fruit, and obviously a friend. If it’s not that sunny, adjust the lighting to make it look like you had the perfect sunny beach day. Everyone will be drooling over your picture.

Above all, just be creative with it, and have fun. And plus, being happy in your pictures makes them a million times better.