Review: Is the old Taylor Swift really dead?


Fans lighting up the night as Swift takes the stage

Ella Wertz, Staff

Tuesday night beneath the stars at the Raymond James Stadium, Taylor Swift blew the audience away with a new, fresh style that she integrated into this performance on her Reputation Tour. Swift has been at the top of the charts for at least four years and every year she has wowed her fans with creative, vibrant songs that make them want to jump to their feet and shout the lyrics.

During the Reputation concert, Swift set the stage on fire, literally.  The whole stadium shook as the crowd sang every word to her songs. Swift is known for her elaborate sets. Fufilling her reputation, during the concert the audience was entertained with real fountains, huge drums, light up cages, and fireworks.

Swift kept another favored concert tradition as she had six quick costume changes. Every costume Swift wore matched the tone of the song with. She even wore outfits we have seen in some of her newer music videos. Swift changed from dark, sequined hoodies to light, colorful rainbow dresses in an instant. Swift didn’t just use sets and costumes to bring life to the stage, she also used her fun and quirky personality to draw the audience in. All of these characteristics are what concert goers have come to expect and love from Swift’s shows. Swift bringing back these fan favored traditions show that she really isn’t dead, she has just recreated her image.

The superstar puts on this breathtaking display to demonstrate her love for her loyal fans. Swift filled the whole show with compliments and gratitude towards her fans. She even got personal throughout the concert as she shared stories of the trials and tribulations she has faced in her life.

Taking the concert to a more personal level, Swift gave everyone in the audience a light up wrist band. The band lit up in various colors to the beat of the songs she performed. However, that wasn’t the only purpose of the band. She gave each member in the audience a band so she could “See their beautiful faces…even the fans in the back row.” Swift said. Swift, as always, makes her fans feel loved and appreciated on a personal level and that’s what made this concert so fantastic, another quality showing that the old Swift still reins.

Swift decided to suprise her fans during the concert by bringing back old songs. The audience swooned as she sang “Love Story” from her Fearless album. We screamed the words as loudly as we could when she sang her big hit, “You Belong With Me”. We jumped up and down as she sang “Shake it Off” with artists Charlie XCX and Camilla Cabello, Swift’s opening acts. The concert took us on a trip down memory lane as she brought out a beloved song from every single one of her albums.

The most memorable oldie Swift brought back, for me, was the song “Invisible”. Taylor sat down with her acoustic guitar and shared the story of her progression leading up to where she is now. Swift shared that she started out feeling invisible throughout her life and that her growth to the celebrity she has become was due to her fans. Her acoustic performance strippped Swift down to a place of raw vulnerability and took her fans back to her old, naïve self. The concert let us walk through  Swift’s journey as an artist and say goodbye to our beloved old Taylor and make room for the new one.

Swift’s overall combination of songs from her new album and all of her old ones gave the audience an experience we’d never forget. As Taylor sang her new songs, “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”, and “Getaway Car”, we saw Swift’s new booming vocal style. The tour’s title of Reputation had new meaning to each member of the audience as we saw Swift’s reputation change throughout all of the albums she has created.

As the concert closed, the audience saw a new side of our beloved Swift. Instead of the light-hearted teen she used to be, we were faced with a darker, less naïve Swift. Through her performance with rising snakes, layers of fog, and tilted thrones, we saw her ideas and thoughts on society. Swift delivered another breath-taking concert that showed she is still alive and well but, she has redifined her image. So, in fact, the old Taylor can come to the phone right now.