Review: East Atlanta Love Letter

R&B artist 6lack sees success in his second hit album.

Review: East Atlanta Love Letter

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer

East Atlanta Love Letter is up and coming R&B artist 6lack’s much anticipated sophomore album. The artist’s first album, titled Free 6lack, was a solid first project that built him a decent following. After listening to his first album, I could not wait to listen to his second to see how 6lack grew as an artist. Within this album, 6lack met every single expectation of mine and a little bit more.

The first track “Unfair”, eases the listener into the album with a slow, low-key instrumental and nice singing that shows off a little more of his range. It is the shortest track on for good reason, as it does not overstay it’s welcome and transitions smoothly to the rest of the album. The auto-tune on the hook is not overblown and helps bring a different voice to the sound of the song.

“Let Her Go”, is definitely the fastest song on the album which helps change up the pace and keeps the songs from being the same speed throughout. The verses have a very hip-hop feel without losing his distinct vocals. The hook is extremely catchy and sounds great with the tempo of the beat behind it. The production and melodies on the track really breathe some life into it with how in sync they sound, giving a great atmosphere that just begs the listener to put the track on repeat.

“Balenciaga Challenge”, is the most lyrically impressive song on the album with some of the best bars. While 6lack has some nice bars in the song, feature artist Offset really makes the track. Offset brings a more personal verse to the track than he usually does on other features, which helps him shine. This song is just made to be performed in front of a live crowd, with the bass-heavy production and a well-flowing hook that screams to be belted out by an audience at a concert.

The song that made me feel the happiest on the album is “Seasons”, featuring rising mega-star Khalid. The two artists’ voices complement each other perfectly, with the upbeat voice of Khalid intertwining with the moody voice of 6lack. Khalid brings his high-school music vibe to the track which gives the song and the album nice depth. The production of the track has a trendy sound to it that you would hear on the radio, which makes this song a perfect addition to a playlist for a long car ride with a group of friends.

East Atlanta Love Letter has already earned success on the charts and has been a top R&B album since release. His impending tour will have greater success due to his devoted and broadened fanbase and his improved sound. I have no doubt that the next time 6lack releases music, the R&B world will be watching.