RHSToday in fashion: Classic cardigan


Anna Woodward, Staff Writer

Robinson senior Minh Tam Le takes a simple and comfortable outfit and puts a modern spin on it.

About the student:

Name: Minh Tam Le

Le is a senior at Robinson. She works at Smoothie King, and likes going to the gym.


What is your favorite part of this outfit?

“The cardigan.”

Where did you get your outfit?

“I have converse, and then the jeans are from American Eagle, the cardigan is from Cotton On, and the top is from Hollister.”

Do you have any style inspirations?

“Mostly, I just wear athleisure clothing, anything on Pinterest that’s cute.”

What would you call your style?

“Cute but comfortable.”


About the outfit:

The shirt(s): Le pairs a patterned shirt with a simple cardigan to create a fun yet simple look. By using colors that complement each other, the shirt and cardigan balance out and don’t distract from the individual items. By wearing a cardigan, she is able to turn this trendy and comfy outfit into one that meets school dress code.

The accessories: To complete this outfit, Le puts her hair up in a messy bun and wears a simple necklace. The bun reflects on her athleisure-esque style, and keeps her hair from covering her cardigan and shirt. Since she’s wearing a sleeveless shirt, wearing a necklace fills the gap. With a simple yet classic necklace, she efficiently gives the outfit a final touch.

The pants: Le balances her outfit out with a simple pair of black jeans. Not only are these a staple in anyone’s closet, but they complement the rest of the outfit and add to the “cute but comfortable” look. By rolling her jeans above the ankle, she gives the outfit a trendy and more refined touch.

The shoes: Le sports a pair of simple yet cute white low-top Converse. Much like her pants, these shoes give the outfit a trendy touch, while keeping it comfortable and cute. Because they are low-top, they go well with the rolled jeans. By wearing no-show socks, she keeps the bottom half of her outfit looking put-together, and not distracting from the rest.