The mind of Jake Paul is underwhelming

Shane Dawson falls short with his Jake Paul documentary


Nicole Perdigon, News Editor

Shane Dawson created his first YouTube video in 2005, originally starting with conspiracy theory and humorous videos with his friends. Within the last four months, Dawson has completely shifted to documentary style content.

Throughout these months Dawson has taken the YouTube world by storm with the creation of his latest documentaries. They are based on the secret lives of his fellow creators Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star and Jake Paul. Each documentary was better than the next, and when Dawson announced he would be collaborating with Paul, I was more than excited.

As a viewer, I have always been curious as to what kind of life Paul lives and whats he’s like behind the camera, so when Dawson announced the documentary I expected to see a side of Paul that hadn’t been shown before, which ended up being partially true. Paul has been involved in numerous controversies including series topics such as physical abuse of girlfriends, bullying his friends, buying the members of Team 10 and accusing fellow youtuber FaZe Banks of assault.

Team 10 was created in Jan. of 2017 by Paul as a way for YouTube influencers to get together and grown their fan base. It meant that the group of people would live in the same house and sign a contract requiring them to give a portion of their income to Paul, causing a lot of controversy that I was expecting to be uncovered in the series.

In this case, I was underwhelmed with the final product. It is clear that Dawson is talented at directing and editing, but I felt this series was lacking content. Despite their long run times, the videos did not go deep enough into each subject matter. The series was basically a summary of Paul’s life and described nothing the viewers didn’t already know.

The intention of Dawson’s  series is to provide the “truth” of a YouTuber so the viewers can grasp a better understanding of what goes into their lifestyle and work days.  Thus, I was expecting the truth about Paul to be revealed, to see the skeletons that got locked in his closet and the secrets of Team 10 but I got none of this.

Instead, I got an extended summary from multiple viewpoints explaining major controversies Paul has been in that have already been talked about. There was no deeper analysis that I had been expecting, instead, all Dawson did was lay out the facts in a non-biased way, which I will admit was nice in that it makes it easier to form my own opinion of Paul.

Overall, I was expecting more from this series than what was provided; however, I think Dawson did an amazing job with the proper amount of drama and editing to make the videos interesting. I still think you should give the series a watch because you never know, you may learn something new about Team 10 and the Paul family you never knew.