RHSToday in Fashion: Rockin’ Retro


Ella Wertz, Staff Writer

Senior Abby Duffey debuts a vintage themed outfit and adds her own personal touch.


About the student:

Name: Abby Duffey

Duffey is a senior at Robinson. She loves photography and shooting film.


What is your favorite part of this outfit?

“My favorite part is the [vote] pin that I made this morning because I think that it’s really important to exercise our right to vote if we can.”

Where did you get your outfit?

“I got my shorts from Urban Outfitter, my jacket is a Levis jacket that my dad had when he was in high school that I wear like every single day, my shirt, I’m pretty sure, is from PacSun, and my shoes are converse.”

Do you have any style inspirations?

“I like 70’s and 80’s style. I watch a lot of YouTube and stuff like that so I like seeing other peoples’ style and putting my own spin on it.”

What would you call your style?


About the outfit:

The shirt: Duffey wears a button up tank top with a oversized jean jacket. Her tank top is light blue and white striped so the different-colored blue added with the jacket compliments the shirt perfectly. Duffey tucks her tank top into her shorts to create a balance of tight and loose with the jacket. Duffey styles her shirt and jacket to add to the vintage aesthetic of the entire look.

The accessories: To add to her outfit, Duffey wears a homemade pin with “vote” on it and a black belt with a gold buckle. Her pin allows her to express her opinion while keeping the outfit cute. Her belt adds a gold accent coordinating with her hair color and ties the whole outfit together. Duffey also wears her hair in a half up half down to contribute to the retro aspects of her outfit, and to keep attention on the outfit.

The pants: Duffey balances her outfit with dark wash jean shorts cuffed at the bottom. The of wash of the shorts matches her jean jacket, further pulling the outfit together and completing the look. Her choice to roll her shorts gives her outfit a more classic flare.

The shoes: Duffey finishes her outfit with high top, cream converse that have a half heart with eyes detailed on the sides. The cream color of her shoes keep the colors of Duffey’s outfits balanced. The detailing on the shoes provides a quirky twist that adds more personality to her look. Duffey ties her laces in an irregular fashion by knotting them around her ankle, adding to the unique and personal aspects of the outfit.