Cupid gave an arrow, what will you give?

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide


Ella Wertz, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day on the brink of its arrival, girlfriends and boyfriends are stressing to find the perfect gift. Here is a gift guide for anybody, no matter their gender or what stage of a relationship they’re in, to help relieve the Valentine’s stress.

Great girl gifts:

A great gift to get your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day would be chocolates. There are so many options through types of chocolates and flavors to personalize this basic gift for your special someone. This gift also runs on the cheaper side so it is perfect for a new relationship or if you don’t want to your wallet to hate you.

Another gift to get your girlfriend is a quality necklace, bracelet or even earrings. This may seem like a basic gift that everyone gives, but yours doesn’t have to be. I suggest getting them a piece of jewelry that represents a part of them, like their zodiac sign or favorite animal, or that represents a special part in your relationship, whether it be the day you started dating or the place of your first date. This gift is, obviously, going to be pricier than chocolates, but jewelry is something that can be run on the cheaper or expensive size depending on your budget.

A Polaroid camera is a perfect gift because it can capture your girlfriend’s favorite memories and give her a tangible connection to them. Again, you can personalize the color for your significant other and get them a case with their name embroidered onto it to make your gift more special. This camera is reaching into a bit of a more expensive bracket, but is totally worth it to surprise your girlfriend, and you can find some on sale at a lot of department stores.

Best boy gifts:

Since boys are so difficult to shop for, a staple piece is always something good to get because it’ll get a lot of use. A good staple piece to purchase would be a nice belt. Belts are easily personalized based on the color, material and design. Most boys are in desperate need of a belt, so this gift is right up their alley. Belts can range from a moderate to expensive prices based on the material and quality you decide to purchase, but whatever the cost just know the belt will get good use.

The perfect gift for any sports fan is a jersey. Jerseys can be basic or personal, and demonstrate how well you really know him, especially when customized to suit his interests. They aren’t the cheapest gift and may be more than a basic $25 gift card but it would be a great surprise for your Tom Brady or DeSean Jackson loving boyfriend.

A more expensive, but ultimately worth it gift that makes a perfect date for the two of you would be tickets to a local sporting event or concert that the he loves. Tickets are less about the object itself, but the memories and experience that will come with it.

I hope this guide unloaded some Valentine’s Day stress. Remember that gifts should be personalized; it isn’t about the materialistic side of gift giving, it’s about the thought that backs a gift and the memories that will arise from it.