Red carpet looks for the books

A review of top celebrity looks at the 2019 Grammy's red carpet

Ella Wertz, Staff Writer

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The Grammy’s brought out all of our favorite celebrities, specifically musicians, who paraded their top looks on the famous red carpet. The red carpet has seen many looks that range from grunge or chic, to simply wild outfits. Music celebs of every genre wowed us with their interpretation of red carpet wear.

Cardi B surprised most with her unique outfit choice for the evening. The top half of her outfit could have almost come straight from the 1920s, while the skirt part flairs out peacock-style. She wore a gold, sparkly top made of a mesh material that seemed to disappear in a large pink and black lined skirt that flared out below her stomach. Her skirt was finished with a pink and blue rose at her right hip. To accessorize, she added very princess-like and delicate pieces like her strand of gold pearls. Her long, pale pink gloves pulled the look together.

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Swae Lee combined many patterns and jewels to create the perfect outfit for the carpet. Instead of the standard white dress shirt, he chose a floral lace white button-up dress shirt. His white, see-through shirt contrasts with his many colored tattoos adding to his cool aura. He pairs his shirt with grey dress pants thats that are coated in rhinestones to add flare to his ensemble. His accessories are definitely a center-piece of his outfit. He layered three necklaces, one with pearls and two with diamonds, and had rings on nearly every finger. He finished his outfit with grey sued shoes with a gold detail on top.

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Janelle Monáe created an amazing look that paired many pointed angles and shapes. Her dress paired the simple colors brown and white with an intricate, feathery material and pointed edges. The base of her dress is white with brown lines crossing over the edge. The shoulders of her dress are pointed and raised to create more height to her simple look. Monáe acessorizes with a hat and two different earrings. Her hat and different earrings add to the geometrically inspired aspect to her outfit.

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Leon Bridges made a statement on the carpet with his bold, western-inspired outfit. The base of his outfit was an ochre yellow jacket that he kept closed, and matching pants. At the top of the jacket collar were the faint signs of a white dress shirt with a black tie. He personalized his outfit with designs of guitars, tigers, the state of Texas and many other items that define him. His white cowboy hat adds a simpler piece to the craziness of the suit while keeping up the western theme.

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Obviously, these were only a couple of the unique and beautiful outfits that took on the red carpet at the Grammy’s. Every artist showed off their personal style through their looks and left a statement on the carpet.

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