Restaurant Review: Bull Market is charming but average

Bull Market’s atmosphere is great; but the food falls behind


Outside of the restaurant, lights capture the rustic feel.

Meena Vasquez, Staff Writer

Bull Market is a new, traditional American-with-an-Asian feel restaurant and convenience store. It’s located on Himes Ave, right next to the Publix and Big Island Poke. Outside, a big sign stating the restaurant’s name and lights established the overall rustic, vintage and retro atmosphere. The new restaurant had a nice mix of a convenience store and a café kind of vibe, but the food didn’t live up to the aesthetic.

Bull Market offers various Japanese products such as Pocky, iced green tea, Ramune and more. All of the items are reasonably priced, although the products sold in the market area could be found much cheaper at a local oriental market.

Most of the food they serve are rice bowls, of which you can choose a specialty or make your own. They also serve breakfast items, such as egg wraps, egg sandwiches, oatmeal and eggs with potato hashes.  I ordered a build your own bowl with white rice, broccoli, brussel sprouts and BBQ chicken topped off with the “Green Goddess” sauce.

The sauce was the best part of the bowl, it reminded me a lot of the sauce they offer at Fresh Kitchen or Ciccio Cali. The protein, and vegetables were good as well, especially the brussel sprouts. However, the rice was a bit overcooked. But, in my opinion, this is something to overlook because of the California-type zesty flavor in the bowl.

In one section they offer board and card games which really added a nice touch to the vibe of the restaurant. It helped with still adding to the rustic/retro vibe.

Overall, Bull Market is decent. The thing I loved most about it was the over all feeling of the restaurant, and the way it is aesthetically pleasing. However, the food wasn’t anything to hype up or make a fuss about. It wasn’t something that was horrible or really good, just okay and average food.