RHSToday in Fashion: Free and summery


“I wear a lot of gold because I think it looks good with my skin tone and I find that I go towards more gold things,” Wallace said.

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

Sophomore Sadé Wallace shows off an outfit that’s reminiscent of summer.

About the Student:

Name: Sadé Wallace

Wallace is an IB Sophomore at Robinson. She enjoys going to the beach and is the Vice President of Student Government.


Where is everything in your outfit from?

“My romper, I think it’s actually from Target, my [cardigan] is from Nordstrom…and then my shoes are from Amazon, surprisingly.”

What’s your favorite part about this outfit?

“I think I really like the outfit as a whole because it’s very bright and summery and it’s super sunny and happy but my favorite part is probably my shoes because I feel like I’m not as tall as I’d like to be so I like the shoes because they give me height but they don’t hurt since they’re flat and they’re just fun, versatile.

How would you describe your style?

“Bohemian, just like super free.”

Do you usually try to put your outfits together in advance, or is it just like “let’s see how [this] goes?”

“Yeah, it’s just like, ‘let’s see how this goes’. Yesterday, my mom was cleaning out her closet and I found this scarf and I was able to fold it into like a shirt, so I think I just have an eye for I guess, seeing how things could go and I feel like, I mean it’s just clothes, you can take them on and off, so it’s something you can just be super chill and easy with and you don’t have to be afraid of it because you can take it off if you don’t like it.”

About the outfit:

The jumpsuit: Wallace’s jumpsuit combines casual with cute in a style that resembles summer. The yellow is bright, but it not overpowered thanks to the floral pattern. With pops of white and blue, the jumpsuit is one that can easily stand on its own or be paired with a jacket or cardigan. Wallace’s jumpsuit ensures comfort with loose pants, but also guarantees a stylish look. With the pattern and the fit, the piece is one that fits Wallace’s free, bohemian style.

The cardigan: Wallace’s cardigan is a simple yet fun piece that works well with any brightly colored piece. The color of the cardigan makes it a neutral color for pairing with outfits, but the more open design allows it to jazz up an outfit. Combined with the loose fit of the jumpsuit, the cardigan adds to the free and open look.

The accessories: Wallace enhances the oufit with simple gold jewelry that gives the outfit a more delicate touch. The gold of the jewelry gives the outfit a nice touch that complements the rest of the pieces.

The shoes: Wallace’s sandals complement the rest of the outfit and give it a trendy touch. With platform sandals, it’s easy to find a pair that is brightly colored, yet still good for pairing with other outfits. The light colored sole and the open-toed factor completes the outfit with a summery vibe that matches the rest of Wallace’s outfit.